Car Services in 1


  • Complete Car Service internal & external package for thorough refurbishment
  • External foam wash to get rid of dust, dirt & settled impurities
  • 3-step detailing covers compounding, polishing & waxing
  • Removes swirl marks, etching and water spots making original paint finish
  • Surges paint depth, gloss and creates a shinier finish
  • Shields your paint from fade due to ageing and UV radiation
  • Internal vacuuming removes all dirt and dust spots
  • Seat foaming, washing and scrubbing to get rid of stains & spots
  • Door trim cleaning, washing & cure
  • AC vent cleaning removes foul smell
  • Dashboard & plastic trim refining to improve the life of plastics
  • Covers carpet & tire washing


We Cover

Our services covers complete car detailing with 3M Machine Polish, 3-step detailing course, internal vacuuming, floor matwashing, dashboard cleaning & polishing, foaming of fabric and removal of seat stain.

Delivery Time

Our car detailing package typically takes anywhere between 5 to 6 hours per car with 2 technicians working in place.


The process begins with a complete external foam wash with 3-step detailing course. Internal vacuuming covers trunk & glove compartment. Surfaces are cleaned with a granular brush to remove dirt and grease. Floor mats are removed, washed and dried. Fabric surfaces are washed with specifying compounds remove stains. Then surfaces are detailed with a soft brush following with final vacuum.

Pricing – Change this based on price

Pricing is flat Rs.2999 for hatchbacks and sedans. The package starts from Rs.3499 for SUVs and luxury vehicles. Prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of taxes.

Swirl marks

Swirl marks are delicate scrapes on the body of your car caused by unsuitable drying and washing techniques. Every time when you wash your car, the paint gets tarnished with minute scrapes. These small scrapes get stayed over time, resulting in the car appearance weakening.

Wax vs. Polish

Conservative wax do not last long as the elementin these waxes (Carnauba) breakdown under daily usage. On other hand improving compounds are made up of a series of cross-linking polymer emulsions that supports long than wax compounds.

Time Span of Polish

Polish usually stays between 3 – 5 months under our weather conditions. So it is suggested to wash your car only once in two weeks to keep your car with lasting shine and water beading effect.